ADU for Rental Space

Which ADU is Right for You?

Adding an ADU, or “accessory dwelling unit”, provides many benefits to homeowners. Different sizes and styles each have their own best usages and certain layouts are best for certain needs. With three typical size options, we know we have the perfect ADU for your family and home’s needs.


The office ADU is our smallest offering by size, but it does not lack in providing remote workers the perfect home office in Arlington, VA. Starting at 96 SQFT, the home office ADU option is a great way to have a productive remote-working life by eliminating distractions and separating work life from home life. And with personalized furniture and configurable layouts, you can make it exactly as your work routine requires. This size is also great for those looking to create a home gym in Silver Spring, MD, as it has complete climate control and is large enough to fit two to three pieces of exercise equipment.


The middle-sized offering, the suite is perfect for individuals who want to use their ADU as a multi-purpose space. With 256 SQFT to fill, using this size as a home office in Silver Spring, MD will accommodate multiple desks for couples who both work remote, or families with children learning from home. With an accompanying half-bathroom installed, this space is great for those who want a designated space to entertain guests or have weekend guests. And for those wishing to fully embrace working out from home, this space is large enough to house all the most important home gym in Arlington, VA equipment.


Backyard homes in Potomac, MD add value and convenience to your home without requiring any construction on the home itself. Our largest offering, the ADU, is a fully self-sufficient in-law suite in Bethesda, MD, equipped with kitchen and bathroom and is large enough to fit a bed, as well as traditional furniture. The full ADU, which begins at 384 SQFT, is ideal for those with aging parents, young adult children, or simply want a second source as a rental property. If you’re looking to keep your family close and comfortable, an additional dwelling unit in Arlington, VA is the perfect option.

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