Why Build an ADU?

As your lifestyle evolves, your home must adapt too.

The way we live and work has changed dramatically. Overlapping routines and schedules create bottlenecks around the house and put a premium on uninterrupted space. An ADU can increase your home’s versatility and help it adapt to the demands of the new normal.

Why you should consider adding an ADU to your backyard

Additional Space at Home

  • Add the space you need to the home you love and avoid the hassle of moving
  • Create a quiet refuge, steps away from your primary residence
  • Meet multiple needs with a single addition, ranging from a home office to a living space for a loved one, with endless possibilities in between

Rental Income

  • Offset mortgage costs and other monthly expenses by renting out your accessory dwelling unit
  • Detached ADUs offer more privacy to you as the homeowner, as well as your renter, making it easy to generate income without compromising your lifestyle
  • Take advantage of short-term rentals to generate income and still enjoy the personal use of your ADU

Increased Home Value

  • ADUs increase the livable area of your home, adding appraisal and resale value
  • Rising property values increase your equity and create an asset you can leverage in the future
  • Adding an ADU is a long-term investment in your home that you can also enjoy immediately

Age in Place

  • Watch over the people you love while providing them with the space and independence they deserve
  • Provide aging parents or adult children with a full home experience, with the comfort of being close to those they depend on
  • Create an opportunity for multi-generational living, with each family member getting the space and independence they need

Why build with Capital Dwelling

Unlike some of the other options in the market today, every project with Capital Dwelling is going to be affordable, flexible, and easy to install. Let us show you how we compare to the competition.

About Us

With over 30 years of professional experience in the Washington Metro area, the principals of Capital Dwelling have an extensive background in the areas of finance, development and urban planning. We are excited to put this experience to work for homeowners in the DC region and help maximize the value of their property by adding an ADU.