A Refined Process with the Homeowner in Mind

6 Steps that will transform your backyard

Working with us

Our proprietary building system allows us to create spaces to match customer needs. We can achieve a custom look and feel to fit any neighborhood and then scale the design to the ideal size and orientation for your backyard. Because each of our units share common elements, our production costs are lower, and we can pass those savings along to you.

Read more about the different stages of the customer experience below.

2 - 5 DAYS


After researching the applicable zoning and setback requirements for your property, we will come out to your home and discuss the best locations for your new backyard space.



Based on your needs and expected use patterns, we will work with you to design a product that best fits your budget and your lifestyle.

2 - 4 WEEKS


Some local governments are faster than others, but we work with them all to navigate the approval process and secure all of the permits required for construction.



All of the materials needed for your project are sized and cut in our factory. While that work is being completed, our crews will complete the site work and install the foundation

2 - 4 WEEKS


The materials are delivered to the site and our fully licensed and insured team gets to work assembling the structure and building out the interiors.

2 - 5 DAYS


Once the work is complete, we take you through your new space and make sure everything meets or exceeds your expectations

Capital Dwelling Vs ‘Do-It-Yourself’


Ready to transform your backyard?