What Makes a Great Home Office?

While many companies across the nation have begun transitioning back to in-office work, about 22 million Americans are still working from home. Some of the biggest positives telecommuters credit to working from home include avoiding traffic and increased productivity. However, one of the most difficult factors is finding space to work at home. Having a set home office is crucial in the current work-from-home world, and Capital Dwelling can provide all areas that make a great home office in Potomac or Bethesda MD.

Quiet Area

Working from home can have its distractions, especially when the whole family is around. Crying babies, barking dogs and vacuums are just some of the loud and disruptive aspects. However, with a custom, detached home office, a quiet and designated area is just steps away for a productive day of work. With energy-efficient insulation, your detached home office will be a peaceful place to work.

Reliable Power and Internet

Custom home offices from our team are equipped with only the best technology for communication and internet connection. A successful day of working from home requires dependable power and internet, which is a staple of every office we build. Once your home office in Silver Spring, MD is finished, you’ll be ready to start working the next day by simply plugging in your computer!

Comfortable Furniture

Every home office we build with furnishings perfectly tailored to our client’s taste and needs. Following your consultation and floorplan creation, we will work with you to find the exact desk, chair and other equipment needed for a productive and comfortable work-from-home lifestyle. And our idea of comfort extends beyond furniture, as we utilize only the best LED lights and offer customizable windows to ensure your home office is exactly what you need.

Enjoy the perfect work-from-home experience with Capital Dwelling’s custom home office builds directly in your backyard. Call us or book your consultation today.


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