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3 Benefits of Adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Adding an accessory dwelling unit to your Virginia or Maryland home is a great way to add more space for your favorite activities or a cozy space for loved ones. There are many benefits that come along with adding an accessory dwelling unit to your home.

Enjoy Where You Are Longer

One excellent reason to choose to add an accessory dwelling unit on to your home is that it allows you to stay where you are while still adding more space for things that are important to you. Most of us have a lot of wonderful memories tied to our current home, particularly if we have been there a while. Because of this, adding on and modifying a current abode, rather than having to leave it, is often seen as a much more enjoyable and easier option.  

You Can Stay in Your Home During Construction 

Most of the time, you can stay in your home during the construction process for your accessory dwelling unit. This makes it so much easier for you and your family because you do not have to worry about finding a new place to live, moving your items, etc. This makes for a very attractive option for most looking to expand their space without having to disrupt their daily lives.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit May Increase Your Home’s Value  

Accessory dwelling units are becoming a very popular investment, not only for the convenience and ease of everyday life they can bring but they may also increase the value of your home. This is excellent for you because by adding an accessory dwelling unit, you have expanded the efficiency and use of your home for yourself which can make it very appealing for the next homeowner. Contact Capital Dwelling for more information on adding an accessory dwelling unit to your Virginia or Maryland home.

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