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Versatility: The Primary Perk of Building an ADU

There are many reasons to add an accessory dwelling unit to your residence in Maryland or Virginia. These useful structures have countless uses that can be repurposed as you and your family’s lives change and evolve with time. In 2022, we are working remotely and trying to keep our elderly loved ones out of nursing homes to better protect them. ADUs can start out for one purpose but can easily be adapted to fulfill others. For instance, if you decide to go back into the office after working from home, your ADU can easily be converted to a guest house or a backyard rental space, or even a bedroom for an adult child in college. Whatever your initial reason for building an ADU, you can rest assured that as your life evolves, so can your ADU.

Backyard Offices Make for Cozy WFH Environments

COVID-19 forever changed the way we work and interact with others, and many workers are navigating the challenges of having multiple people working from home in the same residence. An ADU can help create additional space for such a situation as this. The beauty of designing your own backyard office is that you can customize it for maximum aesthetic and productivity while giving other family members space for their own pursuits. Done efficiently, a backyard office ADU can deliver benefits like a quiet space to learn, reflect, create, and accomplish your goals.

Mother-in-Law Suite for Aging in Place

If your backyard office space is no longer needed, consider using it to keep your family members closer. Whether this means adapting it for a child in college or parents or grandparents looking to age in place, an ADU provides a sense of independence while giving you the peace of mind that your family members are close by and safe. Keeping your family members onsite in a cozy ADU space of their own makes it easier to have family dinners, game nights, and many more fun family activities to enhance relationships and continue to cultivate a close-knit family atmosphere.

Backyard Home for Guests

As your needs change, it may make sense to convert your ADU to a backyard home for guests. Designing and decorating your ADU for friends and family coming to stay with you can be a fun project. Your guests will not only appreciate having their own comfortable home-away-from-home space, but it will also make having guests much easier on you and less disruptive to you and your family’s routine. Additionally, many people with accessory dwelling units choose to rent them out as a backyard rental space. This could be a great way to use an empty ADU while bringing in some extra cash.

Studio Shed

ADUs can be a perfect option for those looking to explore their creativity in a quiet, personalized space. Adding a studio shed to your Montgomery County home can be a wonderful way to showcase your artwork or work on your fitness goals by using your studio as a home gym. The possibilities are endless, and whether you are a writer, a fitness buff, an artist, or just looking to escape to your own oasis for a reprieve from other family members, the benefits of adding an ADU as a studio shed are hard to ignore.

Are you ready to explore your Accessory Dwelling Unit options to add to your Montgomery County, Maryland or Virginia home? Contact Capital Dwelling today to speak with one of our professional ADU designers about the perfect starting point for you.

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