About Us

With over 30 years of professional experience in the Washington Metro area, the principals of Capital Dwelling have an extensive background in the areas of finance, development and urban planning. We are excited to put this experience to work for homeowners in the DC region and help maximize the value of their property by adding an ADU. Please take a moment to read the sections that follow to discover what makes our firm unique and find out why we think ADUs are the ideal home project for today’s lifestyle.

Why you should consider adding an ADU to your backyard

Additional Space at Home

There are so many demands on our homes these days. Whether it’s the need for a home office, a homework room for the kids or a place for a relative to stay, our homes have never played a more central role in our lives and they are being overwhelmed with activity. Accessory units help relieve this stress. They provide a quiet refuge, steps away from your primary residence.   

Rental Income

With a full kitchen and bathroom and a typical size around 400 square feet, ADUs can also function as a rental unit in your backyard. They are popular options for tenants seeking an alternative to apartment living or for couples looking to get away for a weekend. Whatever the arrangement, accessory units can be a solid income generator for a homeowner.

We also offer programs that help offset the cost of ownership through ongoing lease and management agreements.  You enjoy the increase in property value as your ADU pays for itself. 

Increased Home Value

When you build an ADU you are making an investment in your home. Accessory units increase the livable area on your property, and they can generate significant rental income for the homeowner. Both factors can drive an increase in home value.